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1) Dozepers (n.) – Noblemen; the Douze-Pairs of France.

As Charles stod by chance at conseil with his feris,
Which that were of Fraunce his o3en /dozepers/.

– MS. Ashmole 33

Pronunciation: /dozEpErs/

2) Tapinage (n.) – Secret skulking.

Ry3t so thy newe /tapinage/
Of Lollardye goth about
To sette Cristis feythe in doute.

– Gower, MS. Soc. Antiq. 134

Pronunciation: /tApinAdZ/

3) Talvace (n.) – A kind of buckler or shield, bent on each side, and
rising in the middle.

Aither broght unto the place
A mikel rownd /talvace/.

– Ywaine and Gawain

And after mete thar it was,
The children pleide at the /talvas/.

– Beves of Hamtoun

Pronunciation: /tAlvAs/

4) Housele (n./v.) – The Eucharist. Also, to administer the sacrament.

With holy wordys into bredd he can hym dresse,
And there he /housylde/ that lady dere.

– MS. Cantab. Ff. ii. 38

Doo calle me a confessour with Criste in his armes;
I will be /howselde/ in haste, whate happe so betyddys.

– Morte Arthure, MS. Lincoln

Pronunciation: /husEl@/

5) Lechyde (adj.) – Cut into slices. [Also spelled leshed]

Seyne bowes of wylde bores,
with the braune /lechyde/.

– Morte Arthure, MS. Lincoln

Pronunciation: /lESid/

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1) Papelard (n./aj.) – A hypocrite. Subtle, cunning. I se the aungels bere the soule of that womane to hevyne, the which so longe I have kepte in synne. He, this /papularde/ preste, hath herde oure cown- saylle, ande hathe delyverede here frome synne, ande alle oure powere. – Gesta Romanorum Pronunciation: /pApElArd/ 2) Diaper […]

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DragonCon 2008, Harry Potter Part 6

admin on October 16th, 2008

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Breaking in a Heavy Weapons SCA Sword

admin on October 15th, 2008

So you have a new sword that you tape and are ready to test out.  Testing out a new sword is a lot of fun and can be interesting at the same time.  It may be like what you have been using in the past but it is new and will throw differently.  Things such […]

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1) Peregall (adj.) – Equal. Everyche other through great vyolence By very force bare other unto grounde, As full ofte it happeth and is founde, Whan stronge doth mete with his /peregall/. – Lydgate’s Troye, 1555 3it ther were any of power more than hee, Or /peregalle/ unto his degre. – Lydgate, MS. Soc. Antiq. […]

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1) Gytelscheppe (n.) – Recklessness. Wylland, certes, I dyd it no3te, Bot for /gytelscheppe/ of thoughte. – R. de Brunne, MS. Bowes Pronunciation: /gitElSEp@/ 2) Wittande (n.) – Knowledge; knowing. The fyft poynte may thai noght eschape, That commounes with hym that the pape Cursed has at hys /wyttande,/ Or to that curssyng es assentande. […]

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DragonCon 2008, Harry Potter Part 4

admin on October 2nd, 2008

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You’ve been in the SCA for a while now and borrowing your friend’s sword. You’ve wanted your own but buying the materials can be expensive online. The rattan sword from one site and the metal hilt from another. There is the cost of the items themselves along with the shipping on top. That alone can […]

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1) Eyrone (n.) – Eggs, also as eyren. A wowndyt man schal kepe hym that he 3ete na cheese, ne botur, ne /eyrone/, ne fysche of the see, ne fruytte, ne flesche, but of a best that is geldit; and he most kepe him fro fleschely talent wythe wymmen. – Med. Rec. MS. Bright Pronunciation: […]

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