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Becoming a member of the SCA is easy to do when you decide you want to participate beyond practice in combat or enter your A & S project in a competition.  While membership is not required to attend events, meetings, or practices, you must be part of the SCA to hold office and fight. 

You can mail in your membership payment and form or pay it online.  The advantage of paying for the membership through the mail is that you sign the form for release.  Signing this form gets you a blue card, which means you do not have to sign the release at every event you attend.  If you pay for the membership online, you get a white card until you do mail in a signed release form to the SCA home offices.  SCA Membership is valid for a year.  Along with your card, you get the monthly newsletter for your kingdom so you know what events are coming up.  There are different levels of membership: sustaining, associate, and family.  Associate and family have one person who is a sustaining SCA member.  Having these levels helps keep the cost down for those with multiple people in their families who wish to participate in the SCA.  If you want to hold office, you must become an SCA member.  It is also required in some kingdoms, to receive awards for various aspects of the SCA.  And if you are into combat related activities, you can not fight at an event without being an SCA member.  The newsletter that comes with membership shows events in your kingdom for the year.  As the year goes on some events are added, while others happen every year.  It also gives you contact names for that event.  As SCA events come closer, there are excerpts about them for you so you can decide if you want to attend.  These excerpts also will tell you what will be part the event, such as combat, A & S competitions, if the crown will be in attendance, etc.

By formally joining the SCA, you provide valued financial support, are counted in the growing ranks of those supporting the Society’s aims and ideals, and may receive a discount at many Society events. The SCA is one of the few organizations, however, where you can participate without paying dues, although those who are able are strongly encouraged to become paying members. (