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The first time you attend an SCA meeting or event can be scary if you do not know anyone.  Someone that introduces you to the SCA is going to make the transition easier because they can explain things to you.  However if you find out about the SCA from the local paper, the website, or some other way and do not have any friends already members, check it out by yourself anyhow. 

Upon arriving, find someone who does not appear busy and talk to them. Explain you are new and checking things out.  The SCA member will be happy to talk to you and if the group has a greeter, called a hospitaller, castellan, or chatelain, they can take you to this person.  If this person is actually busy (since sometimes it is hard to tell) they will direct you to someone else in the SCA who can answer your questions.

You will notice that the majority of people are in medieval garb.  Those that are not may be just arriving and have not changed yet.  Some people will stay in modern garb all day due to what they are doing.  Some crafts that the SCA member is doing at the meeting or event requires special clothing that medieval garb did not have.  Thus for safety these people stay dressed as such.  Many fighters wear modern clothes under their armor for comfort and ease of movement as well.

It may be daunting to be the first to speak to someone you do not know, but if after several minutes of standing near someone that does not acknowledge you speak.  They may be so engrossed in their craft that they do not realize you are there.  Some hobbies in the SCA take lots of concentration.  It could also be that they are shy around new people and just need you to initiate the conversation.  And the SCA person will be very happy to talk about their hobby with you.  And you just might find another reason to join the SCA besides what drew you there in the first place.

Explore everything at the first event or meeting you attend.  There are so many things you might want to try and will not know about if you stay in one area the whole time.  This does not mean that if something catches your eye, you shouldn’t learn all you can while at the event or meeting.  But keep your options open as the SCA has so much to offer and some gatherings have more than others.