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BBC’s Robin Hood Returns with a Vengence

admin on April 28th, 2008

Robin HoodRobin Hood has returned to the BBC for America as of Saturday April 26th.  And it’s not a moment too soon for fans.  The first season was incredible and left viewers hanging in May until the following year.  England gets the show in the fall, since that is where it is filmed and originally for, and so American fans have to wait 10 months for their beloved show.  And what a new season it looks to be this year.

The first ten minutes of the new season prove it is going to be a gritty and darker story than the previous season.  The sheriff is more vile and heartless than ever before.  Gisbon does not show any feelings for Marion or her father anymore.  He does not care how he hurts them in any way.  Even Djaq looks different.  The producers have decided to let her look like a female now, no longer hiding her sex from the world.

The king is still not back and of course it is unknown when he will return.  Yet for the show to stay on the air, he actually can not return.  Robin and his group still get in trouble and back out in ways they probably shouldn’t but you can’t have a hero in a show without some bit of reality suspension.

Of course the show still has some funny moments with the characters and situations they get themselves into.  Since the show is part comedy and part drama, it wouldn’t work any other way.  One of the best lines from the first show came from Djaq when the man she was fighting captures her and claims “I’ve got the girl” and then she breaks free telling him “but not the woman!”  What a statement that made to me about how much changed.

The best part however, is that the love Marion and Robin have for each other is no longer a secret.  Marion has realized she loves Robin and viewers no longer have to watch Robin struggle with his feelings for her.  Now it is only a matter of waiting for them to be able to show the entire world how they feel.

This show came out and became a hit quickly last year.  Now it is going to make more fans with the changes.  Even though Robin Hood has never been proved to be real or fake, his legend lives on.  And even more so with how he evaded the law and helped the starving people during the Crusades.