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Heavy Weapons SCA Helms

admin on April 17th, 2008

heah210801.jpgSCA heavy weapons helms are the most important part of your armor in combat.  While there are rules about the minimum to wear, this one protects your life more than any other piece you wear.  But helms are not all created equal.  In fact in the SCA the rules are the gauge and how the face is protected.  Beyond that, it is personal preference as to what it looks like. Some people where helms that have a front grill with bars going all the way down the front.  There does have to be a metal piece at the bottom for the helm to look complete so all the way down the front is not worn.  The bars can not be any more than one inch apart but how many or few is not a law.  There are even some fighters in the SCA who have partial bars going down.  These only go across the face or have a nose guard in the middle to protect the heavy weapons fighter’s nose.  Some fighters in the SCA have a helm made out of steel and other metals to give it a unique look.  The contrasting colors can let them create a design or “face” on the helm.  One guy I fight with even has his with just open blocks on the helm to allow air in.  It is created such that when he wears it, you think he is a very mean guy due to the expression on the mask.  Finding a helm can be interesting too. One that looks neat may not fit your head very well.  Or it’s possible as you fight in heavy weapons, it moves too much for your tastes.  Try on as many as possible to see what you like.  As people where they found their helms, who made it, or if they dislike anything about the one they currently wear.  Many people will let you put their SCA helm on so you can make an educated decision.  I was told this is the one decision you want to make right, although some people still purchase a new helm when they find something later they like better.Whatever you decide on an SCA heavy weapons helm, my suggestion is to purchase it first.  This is the most expensive, single piece of armor you will purchase at one time.  Get what you like and splurge for it that helm.  You will not regret it later.