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Robin Hood: The Sisterhood Episode

admin on April 29th, 2008

The episode begins as many do, with Robin and his merry band robbing someone traveling through Sherwood forest.  However this group is not to be had as easy.  Almost everyone gets bested by an opponent, including Robin by the woman who is the leader of the group they are trying to rob.  But in the end they run away and hide from the group as they pursue them.  Once the woman and her entourage leave, Robin and the group emerge from their new hiding place.  Between two rocks, in the ground in a lair that looks like the ground itself.  Much better to hide them all than their previously open camp.

Turns out the lady is the sister of the Sheriff.  She is just as vindictive as him too.  And she helps devise a plan to catch Robin so he can be executed.  In the meantime Marion and her father are taken into house arrest and Gisbon is very vile toward them due to her leaving him at the alter.  Gisbon even has their house burned down when Marion doesn’t beg to his satisfaction for him not to.

To lure Robin in the open a woman is set in the castle square, tied to a post.  Robin tells her who she is but she will not let him release her because she is taking the punishment for her children.  He gives her a plan to get her food and money after her punishment has ended.  Later that day the Sheriff is going to take the hands of the children anyhow for punishment.  Robin steps in to save them, and falls right into the trap of the Sheriff, finding out the woman is the Sheriff’s sister with makeup on.

Captured, Robin finds out the real plan of the Sheriff, kill King Richard by raising an armor with his newly formed black nights.  When Marion shows up as the Night Watchman, Robin has his chance to escape when everyone leaves the room he is in.  Unfortunately it is not as easy as it seems since he is being lowered into a pit of snakes the Sheriff’s sister calls her babies. 

Using his wit, he gets his bow and uses it to stop the wheel lowering him into the pit and, when the Sheriff’s sister shows back up, kick her into the pit.  Robin tries to help save her but she flinches the wrong way and is bitten by a poisonous snake.  The Sheriff arrives at this time and helps Robin get her out.  Robin tries to kill the Sheriff as his sister is dying but she reveals that if the Sheriff dies of unnatural causes, all of Sherwood will suffer and die.  Robin escapes and is almost captured again when his crew shows up to help.  After defeating Gisbon and his men they run away to their underground hideout. 

The only one missing is Alan as he has swindled many men out of money in the local tavern and Gisbon catches him.  In the end, Gisbon lets him go by making a deal with him.  Alan will give him information so he does not look bad and Robin never gets killed by any of Gisbon’s men.  He will pay Alan as well and he will never go to jail for being the outlaw he is.  Alan, foolishly, agrees because he is weak.

It is a great way to start the new season.  Exciting and action packed as always.  You wonder just what will happen as things progress.  And of course what is Robin going to do when Alan is revealed as a traitor.