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SCA War Videos – Just How Big Are They?

admin on April 24th, 2008

Since two weeks ago I talked about SCA wars, I thought putting some videos up to show just how big they can be would be educational.

Pennsic 36 (2007)

When you get to a little over 3 minutes, watch for the fighter on the personal mobility scooter. Shows you that anyone can do this.

Estrella 24 (2008)

Gulf War 17 (2008)

This is a good one to see a lot of what goes on besides fighting at a war.

Great Western War 10 (2007)

No Responses to “SCA War Videos – Just How Big Are They?”

  1. This is cool stuff. I love the clashing sounds and the sound as they walk with everything creaking and settling together.

  2. I haven’t been to a big war yet, but the melees I’ve seen are just a cool and loud. It really rattles your teeth to sit on the side sometimes but WOW is it cool to watch. And even more fun to do.


  1. pennsic