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Sister Games – Short Story Part 1

admin on April 23rd, 2008

I used to steal things from my little sister.  She doesn’t know it, even to this day.  I’d sneak into her room while she was at mage school, and take her magic stuff, and hide them around the house.  Mom didn’t even know I had been in her room.  I’d take a few jars, a spellbook or two, and hide them in various places.  Mostly around the house itself, but occasionally outside in the barn or near the stream where my sister studied her spells.  A few times I even hid the stuff I took in my sister’s room, but never any place she put her magic stuff.  It would be so funny to watch her face as a puzzled look came over it when she tried to remember the last time she had used whatever she had found.  Once I even hid her mage’s robe that she had to wear to school, and would one day wear all the time she informed me once.  But when I laughed at how frantic she was looking for it instead of helping to look for it, I got in trouble and decided not to hide the robe again. I could never understand why my parents let her go to that stupid school.  Mages weren’t good for anything, except maybe to entertain people at fairs.  Still they encouraged her.  After she had asked to go, my parents asked me if I wanted a mage’s education.  I vehemently shook my head no and went to the local tavern.  I wanted to be a barmaid, the best job in the world!  And definitely better than being a magic user.  Ugh.  I still shudder at the memory.  I still can’t understand why they let her go so easily.  But then again maybe they thought with her pale complexion and thin frame she’d never be cut out for hard labor.  Wouldn’t be able to work a farm like mom did.

Kayla is still the mystery child.  Mom and dad are both medium skinned, with dark hair and built for hard labor.  They say I’m a lot like them, could work on a farm or anything like that.  But Kayla was born small and frail.  I used to tell mom that somehow we had the wrong baby.  Mom told me that a few people on her side of the family are like Kayla is.  It just doesn’t show up very often.  Since I’ve never seen any of my family, I can’t really find out if mom is right or not.  Kayla was a good baby, didn’t cry much, but she didn’t each much either.  I always wondered if she’d die, but somehow she didn’t.  So when she was five mom and dad took her to the local fair and showed her the traveling mage that comes through every year.  She loved the man and his tricks.  When they asked her if she would like to learn how to do that, she just nodded.  They caught me watching her and asked me if I wanted to go also.  How could they think that about me?  I was nine, too old for such childish thoughts.  I had to think about a real future