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Some more info on SCA Heavy Weapons Armor

admin on April 25th, 2008

It might help to understand how armor works for Heavy Weapons to delve a little deeper into it.  Helms can be just about any shape and style that a fighter wants.  The big things about them is no big gaps for a rattan sword to get in between and actually hit someone in the face, a chin strap to keep it on, the minimum thickness, and padding.  Some people have very elaborate helms while others get a basic one they like.  Some have a front that flips up so they can take a drink during rest times without having to remove their helm.  Of course the front must be secured so it does not flip up during combat or practice as well.  Nothing can protrude from the helm that could harm someone.  You can have a pointed top helm and even have a neck cover on the back, but no spikes or such things that could harm a sword or person if they were knocked into the helm. Armor itself comes in three basic materials: steel, plastic, or leather.  Some people have suits made of one style only, while others mix and match as they see fit or their budget allows.  Some plastic armor has padding underneath to make it more comfortable or protect the wearer more.  Others wear it as is.  The exceptions would be shoulders, elbow, knees, kidneys, and wrists.  Leather armor must be stiff leather or have some form of padding underneath.  Steel is pretty much worn by itself but not everyone wears it that way either.  How it is “attached” to the body varies too.  Some armor ties on the sides, some on the front, some on the back.  Some armor uses straps that are attached to it to keep it on the body.  Other people use some form of rope to tie knots.  I have even seen something that had Velcro on the sides.   Plastic armor is definitely the cheapest to buy.   It can also be made if you are handy with a saw and can find a barrel.  Yes I said a barrel.  I don’t recommend just wearing the barrel without a covering or something to make it look less like a barrel.  If your armor is fitted together right, it can look like leather from a distance or even black, dull steel.  You can even make or buy a lamellar design to make it appear more period. I do recommend trying on armor before purchasing something.  If you have no limit on your budget that is not going to stop you from buying the most expensive items out there.  However if you are not comfortable in it, you will never fight in it and then you have wasted your money.  Different armor feels different on every person and if you can’t move in what you wear, you can’t fight.  And then what is the point?

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  1. This is really interesting and it’s obvious you really know your topic! I would love to see pictures in the posts…that would help newbies like me. 🙂