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Friendship – Short Story Part 1

admin on May 19th, 2008

They stared at each other, not talking. It had been years since Anna had seen Valeria, but it seemed like only yesterday. So much had changed and yet time appeared to have stood still. Valeria didn’t look much different, a little older, but still the friend she had been all those years ago. How had she ended up on the wrong side?
“What are you doing here?” Valeria asked.
“Me? What about you? We go off to see the world and you end up following the dark god!”
“It wasn’t supposed to happen. I got caught in an abandoned building. It was their headquarters for that region. It was join or be killed.”
“I would have taken death!” Anna looked grim. “You go against everything you were raised to believe by doing this!”
“I once thought so too. But this is the life I was born for. My own troops to command, people who listen to me, knowledge that has helped me become a great and wanted leader.”
“Knowledge that should not be in their hands! You will destroy Soria with this knowledge. Your childhood home!”
“A home that never appreciated me!” Valeria seethed.
“What are you talking about!?” Anna’s sword point dipped slightly.
“No one wanted me to learn anything about fighting, fencing, archery. I had two choices, learn to cook or become a cleric.”
“Rafile asked you how many times if you wanted to help with his swords.”
“Yes to clean them, sharpen them. Not teach me how to use them.”
“You are wrong. He taught me. He wanted to teach you. He liked you. He wanted to marry you.” She spoke the last barely above a whisper.
Valeria relaxed her stance, lowered her weapons.
“He told me right before I left. I told him you would be back and he could take his chance then. But you didn’t return. War broke out. At first no one wanted to believe it was coming, but too many things changed. And so we prepared. Rafile taught me everything you should have learned.”
“And I suppose married you too,” a sneer spread across Valeria’s face.
“No. I had no desire for it and he still waits for you. He will be disappointed to know he has waited in vain, that you will not return.”
“I plan to return. If for no other reason than to get revenge on that town.” She tensed, raised her sword and gauche above her head.
“What revenge is there to get? Nothing.”
“I told you no one wanted to teach me anything I wanted to learn.”
“But Rafile…”
“Fine Rafile did, but no one else!”
“You are still wrong. When you didn’t return so many feared you to be dead. Killed by the goblins. A slave to the Orcs. Or worse even. No one wanted them to be true but with more people chased from their homes and stories of death and destruction, it seemed the only possibility. This is the last thing any of them would have thought.” Her deep blue eyes narrowed. “What in Zam’s name were you thinking!?”
“I told you death or join,” Valeria clenched her teeth.

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  1. Wow! I can’t wait for part 2! 🙂