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Friendship – Short Story Part 2

admin on May 26th, 2008

“I still don’t understand that. You have always thought Golim’s practice wrong. His worshippers uneducated and lost, just needing a guide in the right direction. How could you do such an about face?”
“I can’t tell you it all. Trade secrets,” a malicious smile contorted her features. “But I was wrong. We were raised wrong. I learned that on my travels. I could show you. They would let me keep you alive, unharmed. I am so high in rank. In time you could even control your own troops. Of course it would be under me, but still with a nice rank. I can see you know something about defending, fighting, war.”
“I will never join you. You have let the dark path seduce and corrupt you. Life is worth keeping, people are worth saving. Oppression is wrong. You are not the Valeria I grew up with. You are something else entirely!”
“If you won’t surrender, I will have to kill you. I can’t allow you to let my secret out.” Valeria raised her weapons, preparing to strike.
A sigh escaped Anna’s lips as a shadow crossed her face.
“I do not want to fight. But I see reason will not prevail with you.”
“What reason? You are still going through life with blinders on. Not seeing beyond that backward place you were born in.”
“Backward place? You know nothing about that town! Did you ever I wonder? Did you grow up not truly seeing how it was there?”
“I learned what it was like when I got to Tivia. The races that would come and go, the market with so many things we never dreamed about when we were naïve children; the sea so vast, blue, full of strange and wonderful creatures. Some of which I have never seen again.” A child-like wonder made Valeria look as she did at their parting more than five years ago.
“Soria is not the small town it was. When I returned as the war rumors started, it had doubled in size. I didn’t even recognize the Valeria Inn. And yes your parents still run it. They have help. Your brother and his wife returned in our absence and settled in town. Torake misses you and hopes you will return one day to see your nieces and nephew.” Anna didn’t know what effect her news would have.
“Torake is an idiot for going back. That stupid inn is not worth the ground it’s built on! And I can’t believe he has offspring. They didn’t name any after the inn too did they?”
“No. They are Shala, Sharia, and Tyveek.”
“Shala and Sharia?”
“Well at least they have their own names.”
“They are adorable. Crea dotes on them.”
“I bet she spoils them. How old?”
“The girls are four and Tyveek is two. Well when I left they were. By now they are five and three.”
“You have been fighting that long? And survived?”
“I have been in the war that long, but not fighting the entire time. I thought my talents could be better used to save lives, not destroy them.”
Valeria narrowed her eyes.
“What talents?”
“Healing people. Not as a cleric, “ Anna said quickly when she saw Valeria’s face, “but other ways. I learned how to use herbs and medicines when I traveled. And people sometimes just need someone to talk to.”
“See you would be useful in my regiment.”

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  1. I love this story. I hope it will continue each week 🙂