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Robin Hood: The Angel of Death Episode

admin on May 21st, 2008

Our beloved legend series starts this week with Robin and the gang using the forest to ambush some people for money to give the poor. They use the trees, leaves, mud, anything to hide themselves and scare the people into a net so they can be robbed. Once in there it turns out they are poor people themselves, Will Scarlett’s father and brother in fact. Once back in the hideout, Alan watches Robin writing a letter and begins to ask questions, doing his spying for Gisborne.

The Night Watchman delivers food to some poor and leaves to visit the Sheriff. It turns out to be a fake. The Sheriff has poisoned some food on Pitt street so that it appears the pestilence is there alone. The next day the same lady sees Robin in Nottingham and asks for his help with her sick child. The Sheriff makes Marion announce that the pestilence has come to Nottingham and that it is confined to Pitt street only. The people are to ignore pleas for food, medicine, anything. When Will’s father speaks out, the Sheriff has him killed and Luke and Will must be restrained. After his death, the Sheriff has barricades put up so no one can get in or out of Pitt street.

Robin and the gang make sure they end up in Pitt street to help the people there. Djaq knows they are sick but do not have the pestilence, so Robin makes sure to take command. He orders beds and medicines to be brought to one location so they can help the sick. Many want him to leave so he does not catch the disease but he knows better and ignores them. Joseph, the Sheriff has act as the Night Watchman, is “caught” on Pitt street and upon meeting Robin, offers to help.

Marion has her own thoughts on how to help and when a helper arrives, not her normal one since that woman lives on Pitt street, Marion tells her she needs her clothes and medicine to take to the people of Pitt street. When she mentions foods, the helper tells Marion that the people have that already because the Night Watchman gave them food the night before.

As Robin takes care of the people, one man dies and Robin is furious. When Joseph asks if he suspects foul play, Robin says there is no other kind in Nottingham. He begins to speak with people who do not know each other and finds out the food has been poisoned which is why the people are sick. Marion arrives with medicine and she and Robin speak briefly about what the Sheriff is trying to do by having the Night Watchman give out bad food but not say outright to the people that the Watchman is to blame.

Joseph is seen by Marion and tells Robin that he is an advisor for the Sheriff. Robin now knows who poisoned the people. He catches him before the gang can eat the food he prepared to kill them and he reveals the poison is from a mushroom called the Angel of Death. Then he gets away. Since there is no cure Little John figures out a way that might save the people, deadly nightshade. When given to a child, she is fine quickly after. Unfortunately for Joseph, he is double crossed by the Sheriff for his poison to kill the king, not the weak ones Joseph wanted to cleanse the land of.

Will has taken his brother to get out of Nottingham but does not come with him. Instead he sneaks in the castle to kill the Sheriff. Alan also tells Gisborne about the letter Robin wrote and how to get it so the King never sees it. Then Robin and the gang take Munch, acting as a dead body, to the castle saying that Joseph wanted it. When the gang gets in to stop Will, they find the Sheriff dying from the poison itself. Since Will has poisoned the Sheriff, Robin makes a deal to save him. Unfortunately Djaq finds Will first and he locks her in a room. When Robin pretends to drink the poison and get sick, everyone runs off to let Djaq out and give the Sheriff and Robin the cure. The people are saved and the Sheriff tries to capture Robin Hood without fulfilling his vow of telling the people he caused them to be sick.