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SCA Monarchs: Some Rules and Advice

admin on May 20th, 2008

Every kingdom in the SCA has a king and queen that reigns for six months at a time. The king and queen go to many events within their given kingdom. They hold court at events and give out awards to those who deserve them. It is an important role to have in the SCA.

In the spring and fall the SCA monarchs are crowned to be the ruler over that kingdom with only the SCA board of directors above them. The monarchs are picked by a crown tournament where the possible king fights other potential kings in heavy weapon combat. The men fight for their ladies as well. The tournament is regularly scheduled for this but not at the exact same time. Some kingdoms have them earlier than others because their wars are held at different times. There are always exceptions to how this works in the SCA.

I am in the Middle Kingdom of the SCA. We are one of the biggest kingdoms in terms of members who participate and such. Pennsic is the biggest war with the most attendance and longest running of the five SCA-wide. So our king and queen are known. However even the king and queen must adhere to the rules of the SCA.

The SCA has a rule that you can not lapse on your membership if you hold any kind of office. This can be the seneschal, knight, and of course the king and queen themselves. If you let your membership run out, you lose your title. I am unaware of it happening often but it is a rule and the board of directors upholds the rules for all. It is a good thing to do even when these rules seem unfair.

Unfortunately for our new king and queen, who were just crowned in mid-April, they had the misfortune to let their membership lapse. It was unintentionally, especially since it was partly due to the queen breaking her arm and having surgery to fix it. Life took a toll because her health was more important, as it should be, than it was to remember to mail her SCA membership renewal. While the board of directors does not necessarily want to denounce the king and queen, the rules say they must since the SCA rules say they must be members to hold office.

They have already set up the tournament for the next king and queen. Actually it is the tournament that would decide the fall coronation but will first be used to decide our current monarchs. Just a lesson that you should make sure to renew your membership in a timely manner because no one is exempt from the rules. Even when you are only three days late, you lose out.