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I am a dice junkie. I admit it. Ever since I began DMing D&D with friends I have loved dice. Yes I said DMing. I never played either. But when you have a bunch of friends that have never played themselves, with an exception of two who have no desire to learn the DM rules, you do it so the game can begin.
At first the excuse was that the DM needed a lot more dice than regular players. That is true to an extent. As the DM you are rolling for all the bad guys and sometimes more than one at a time. So having a lot of dice is a good thing to help with that. So I bought a few sets of dice and several extra ones that caught my eye. But as the years have gone by, and I haven’t played a game in about 10 years, I still can not go into a gaming store without browsing through the dice.
At this point I do try to limit myself by not buying random dice but full sets. You can easily spend a fortune on dice alone so there are some days that is hard to do. Not to mention that sometimes the colors or patterns on the individual dice are not sold in sets. Or at least in the store you see the individuals in. Course it could also be that the store breaks up some of the sets to make more money. I mean it’s possible since individual dice are more expensive per die than if you bought them in a set. I could be wrong too.
But sometimes you just can’t help yourself. You go in to the gaming store just to look around at the new books or figures and end up browsing the dice by the counter. And it’s not like you can skip looking at them. To make maters worse you find more than one complete set you like. And the next thing you know you have bought more dice. Honestly no two sets are alike although you do tend to buy a lot of the same color. Until you get bored with having all of one color and then branch out. It’s an obsession that will probably never end. And perhaps it shouldn’t. Showing them off is half the fun.