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I have not played Dungeons and Dragons in many years. I still love the game and would like to get back into it. I even have some people who would be willing to be in my group when I do start back up. However it hasn’t happened yet. When I did play all those years ago, well I actually never played I DM’d right off the bat, I had a subscription to Dragon magazine and bought Dungeon magazine when I found one that had an adventure I wanted to throw at my players. And I could find the magazines at any major book store. However that is not the case anymore.
Since I got out of playing the game, I only occasionally look for the new magazines. But since the new edition is out I am highly interested in seeing what the new magazines have in store for DM’s and players. So today when I was out shopping, I decided to go to my local Barnes and Noble and pick up the new Dragon and maybe Dungeon magazine. I could not find either in the magazine section nor the D&D gaming section. I double checked to make sure I didn’t miss it too. I did that because the last time I looked for the magazines there and saw them, they were in the men’s sports section. That was weird because they used to be in the video game section.
Apparently Wizards of the Coast, the company that owns D&D, decided to stop selling the magazine in regular stores and only sell them in gaming stores. Or perhaps the regular book stores did not sell enough copies to continue selling the two magazines. But since there are so many magazines out these days I have trouble believing that might be the case. I even called the local Books and Co, another big book store, and they don’t carry the magazines either. Before Barnes and Noble existed I know I used to buy the two gaming magazines at Books and Co. It was disappointing to say the least. I know I can buy them at my local gaming store but some times it’s easier and faster to get it at a book store. Especially if the gaming store closes at 5 pm on a Sunday and the book store is open until 9.