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Robin Hood: Show Me The Money Episode

admin on June 20th, 2008

Robin and the gang are at the castle trying to get in a room where the pact is supposed to be. When they can not get in right away, and the castle is waking up, Little John breaks down the door. The room is empty and dogs come again, like when they tried to break in to the strong room.

Back in the camp, the alarm goes off for someone to steal from. It turns out the man needs money to get his bride-to-be out of the servitude her father got her into prior to his death. Upon hearing the story, and the fee to get her back, Robin decides to pay off her debt. When the gang says no, he tells them that if they follow the money, they will find the pact. He also says they will fill the bottom of the box with sand so they do not completely give away all their money.

Alan has turned complete traitor and is telling the Sheriff and Gisborne the ways he can sneak into the castle so they can close them up. Marion threatens Alan to stop giving away all his secrets. Alan is the one who tells the Sheriff that the box belongs to Robin Hood. This delights the Sheriff because he has a bird cage he wants to show off. In view of the full public, he puts Robin’s money in it and knows that the gang is watching. They are upset over losing the money and not getting the pact. The knight they helped earlier, tries to kill the Sheriff when he is told he owes more money and Robin must save him.

Marion gets Gisborne to take her with him saying she needs to see a physician for her father. She is trying to find a way to warn Robin about the Sheriff’s plan to invade them instead. Robin and the gang are working on a plan to get in and save the knight’s love when Marion is caught and tells them that Alan is leading Gisborne and the Sheriff right into them. After sending her off, they decide that Alan needs a proper welcome.

Since Alan has told the Sheriff that Robin will have all kinds of warnings, Alan must go first. They kill the guards to the wagon and Alan and Gisborne get away on a single horse. Gisborne knows that someone told Robin and the gang they were coming. Robin decides to use the wagon and sneak in to stop Alan and rescue the girl.

Robin finds Alan and fights him, almost killing him. Marion walking through the castle, sees the two fighting in the kitchen and escapes Gisborne to stop Robin from killing Alan. She tells Alan he better not betray her because she just saved his life. When she goes to see her father, he will not move. Once she leaves, it is shown to be a guard who was killed by her father with her knife accidentally left behind. Her father has gone to get the pact for Robin. He almost gets caught and Robin walks in right before the Sheriff wakes up. They escape and meet up with the rest of the gang after they have taken the knight’s lady. They barely escape by Robin shooting the bags of gold in the bird cage and the guards leaving them alone to get as much money as possible.

Outside the castle gate, the priest they persuaded to help them earlier, catches Robin and threatens to kill him unless the knight’s lady is given back. Marion’s father interferes and Robin is forced to kill the priest. Unfortunately her father is stabbed in the heart by the priest. He dies and gives Robin a message to Marion. She is thoroughly distraught and tries to keep Gisborne at bay. Since her dagger was found near the dead jailer, Gisborne warns her she is no longer safe in the castle. He kisses her and she runs into her room. Robin is waiting to give her the message and asks her to come to the forest to live and she agrees. Back in the forest, Robin marries the knight and his lady.