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SCA Fighting in Hot, Humid Weather

admin on July 18th, 2008

I posted once about keeping hydrated in the heat, keeping-hydrated-in-the-heat-in-the-sca.

After fighting outside this past weekend, there is more to this than just keeping hydrated. You have to know your own body as well. If you do not, it is possible you could end up passing out from heat exhaustion and keeping yourself out of fighting for the rest of the day.

Drinking plenty of fluids is one of the key parts to being able to fight in the heat and humidity. But if you have other problems such as diabetes or hypoglycemia, you need to watch your sugar levels as well. I recommend having candy to eat on during the day for those who are hypoglycemic and insulin if you are diabetic.

Pay attention to your body as you move in the heat. You may not notice anything as you are fighting, but when you stop for water, know signs that you are close to a danger zone for yourself. Saturday when we paused for water, I began to feel dizzy. This is a sign to me that I will pass out from the heat and low sugar levels. Thus I ate a candy bar and grapes, drank some water, and sat in the shade to feel better. The coolest part is that when people started hearing how I was feeling, many of them were offering me water, food, their chairs, etc. One of the nice things about people in the SCA, they are friendly.

Don’t push yourself just to keep going. You can do more damage than help. Sit out a few rounds if you want to keep fighting. Take off your gear to cool off your body. Fighter gear is hot no matter what it’s made of nor what you wear underneath it. Even in the winter putting it all on gets hot. This can help cool you down faster so you can get back to fighting faster.

Know when you have hit your limits and stop if need be. If you are not used to fighting in hot weather in all your gear, you may not be able to do it for long. No one will fault you for this because you do have to acclimate your body to SCA fighting in the heat. Stop for the day and try again at the next event or practice. Even in the shade when it is humid it can be too much so don’t just assume that you will be fine if the sun is not shining down. Be smart and you will get to fight longer.