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King Henry Outfit

Museum Replicas Limited catalog has been around for many years with swords and clothing for fans of medieval and renaissance items. Some of their items they have carried the same for years on end while others have followed current trends. They have expanded their clothing line to follow these trends as well. One of the newest lines is from the hit show The Tudors.

The line has been out for about a year and has expanded from a few outfits and jewels to include more clothing, boots, and accessories of King Henry. This is perfect for those who want to dress like a king or queen or even the king’s mistress, Anne Boleyn. The outfits are not completely period as the show itself is not either but they are beautifully made. And they are recreated with permission of Showtime itself so there is not problem with Museum Replicas selling them.

Anne Boleyn Gown

Jewels or chains of office are available as well for those wanting to complete the look they pick. You can even purchase King Henry’s jousting helmet, although it is not full size, or a letter opener with the ceremonial sword of the famous monarch. And for those who want to own the royal seal Henry VIII uses on the show, there is a paperweight of this seal. The reverse side has the seal of the pope.

There is more of King Henry’s clothing than anyone. I think with the show being about him and Anne Boleyn there would be more of her dresses. But perhaps they are harder to recreate easily since most women’s outfits back then were layers. I would caution that the dresses might not fix exactly as they say. I once purchased a dress and had to return it because while it fit the waist, it was not designed for voluptuous women and thus did not fit me. But if you want to walk around like a queen, get the gown and be the envy of many.

And if you are interested in purchasing them you can visit Museum Replicas at museumreplicas/thetudors