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The Barn – Part 1

admin on July 30th, 2008

Obscured in all the foliage was a barn. The roof could be seen from a short distance away but trees, grass and weeds hid the rest. Eva and Elter stared in awe at the building they had stumbled upon. There should have been no buildings anywhere, since this was a region that was supposed to be uninhabited. But there it was beckoning to them.
“I wonder if there’s a way in?” Elter said, his child-like face beaming with anticipation.
Eva eyed the foliage and said, “Guess we’re going to have to look.”
Malin, to the south, was still new, being founded six months prior. The town government knew that building in a wild region meant strange creatures and races. It hired people to go exploring and report back what they found. Eva and Elter were two of the few who would take the job. They made an odd pair. Elter was a kender with blue eyes, light brown hair in a topknot, and pointed ears similar to an elf. Eva, an elf, had dark eyes and hair that flowed freely. From a distance they looked like mother and son.
The two walked around, checking out the plants and looking for an opening.
“Elter do you notice anything odd?”
“Like what?” he said, looking around curiously to see what Eva was talking about.
“No El, listen. There are no noises. No birds, no insects, nothing.”
He stopped to listen and looked up at Eva. She was a foot and a half taller than his four foot stance.
“You’re right. There are no creatures about. Wow! I wonder what’s in this place? A dragon maybe. Or an evil wizard that has used all the animals for experiments and now none live here. Let’s go find out.”
A kender’s imagination and curiosity never ceased to amaze Eva. Neither did their lack of fear, but they were considered a nuisance by most since they were always into everything. Since Elter loved to go exploring, this job was perfect for him.
“Elter wait. Let’s go in together,” She drew her elven longsword, a gift from her parents, from the black leather sheath and scanned the area for anything odd as she walked. She was looking for something that would give evidence of a door in the vegetation and the blade felt good in her hand. Elter skipped along beside her the numerous pouches that all kender wore revealing his orange tunic underneath that clashed horribly with his bright green leggings.
The barn was old and in desperate need of repair. Boards were peeling from exposure and some places they were missing or broken. There was one visible door, but it, like the sides she could see, was on the second floor.
“I don’t think a dragon lives here. There is no way for one to come and go.”
“I guess you’re right. It would be awfully fun to see one though,” he looked rather upset but brightened quickly, his smile returning. “Well, I still bet there’s a wizard somewhere inside. Or at least what’s left of his lab. Maybe I can find a ring to make me invisible.”
“Elter,” Eva began to chide him and then let it fall. A kender would always look for something interesting.
The foliage around the barn was even thicker close up. If a door still existed, it would be really hard to find. Eva looked at Elter.
“Well, you’re small, you can get closer. I’ll watch your back.”
Elter’s face lit up. “Really!! I can look for the door?”
“Yes, just be careful.”
Elter handed Eva his hoopak; a five-foot long kender invention made of supple wood that had a spearhead on the bottom and a y on the top. The top could be used as a sling or noisemaker depending on what was needed at the time and it was often used as a walking stick. In he went to the weeds and trees around the barn.
She smiled momentarily at his excitement, then turned serious again, her brow furrowing. Looking around, Eva felt strange from the lack of noise. The kender appeared a moment later farther to her right. He popped his head out and said to her, “Nothing yet. It’s really dark. I can’t wait to get in and see what’s in there.”
Eva smiled again at him. His enthusiasm always made her feel better.
They worked around the first side of the barn. At the corner Eva sighed.
“No luck yet?”
“No but this sure is fun.”