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Another good world hook would be sites of interest. Any place can become something different if you just use your imagination to get away from the normal. Or even something that seems ordinary can suddenly change with one thing different causing your characters to want to explore and find out just why it is different. Here is some in-depth on sites of interest approaches.
Caverns are used the most in role-playing but they don’t always have to be about monsters. You could have a mineral deposit or whatever your highest form of money is, have a cavern with a newly discovered vein of that. Violence with people trying to claim it could bring the PC’s to investigate or even monsters trying to claim it as their own. Of course a simple monster lair works just as well for new adventures. Dungeons are similar to caverns but usually are more extensive. A cavern can actually turn into a dungeon at a certain level. It could be that the local town has an issue with a cavern close by but when the PC’s investigate, they discover the dungeon with the evil wizard.
Even though most adventures start in a city, you could have it start out in the wilderness and bring the characters to a city with a curse, overbearing ruler, plague that no one can explain where it came from, etc. Or the surface of the city could be normal but as the PC’s look for work they are drawn into the rogues’ underground world where things are worse off than someone not of that profession would know. In addition there are fortresses or strongholds where the PC’s could try to invade an enemy force or protect their own. Or they might try to discover who gave away the secret entrance for the one where they live to be overrun with ogres.
Ruins or shrines make interesting approaches. Ruins can have all kinds of enemies, magic, loot, or other things the characters are interested in finding. Even artifacts about the place could be what gets a PC to explore it. This could lead to discovery of a race lost to time or other such thing to give you more adventures later. Shrines in a way are similar, especially for someone who is not familiar with the religion. If there is a new religion out, the characters might go to the shrine to discover why people are flocking to it and be found as non-believers and must escape and save the rest of the people.
Starting in a wilderness can be an odd adventure. Why are they there, do they have a tracker, can they survive days without visible food sources? Are they looking for a new way across an otherwise inhospitable landscape? Whatever might make your characters think and want to stay here. Or you can really make your characters ask questions by having an adventure that is extraplanar. Other planes of existence from where they live and breath are where they find new creatures to fight and survive against. Is there maybe a rift where those vile creatures could get to their world and take it over so they must close it to save their own? Are there friendly extraplanar creatures to help them? Anything odd can work in this format but might take even more work to create.
Whatever sites you chose realize that you can mix and match any way you like. It may seem to start one way and then switch to a different type of area. All of them can be big or small as you want them to be and can be expanded later if you find it is not enough.