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1) Plattinde (v.) – Journeying forth.

Of hem ne wolde nevere on dwelle,
That he ne come sone /plattinde/,
Hwo hors ne havede, com gangande.

– Havelok, 2282

Pronunciation: /plAtInd@/
2) Encloyde (adj.) – Hurt in the foot. [Note: “enclowed” is defined as
nailed or riveted]

The hors on woche sche rode was blac,
Alle lene and gallyd on the bac,
And haltyd as he were /encloyede/;
Theroff the womman was anoyede.

– Gower, MS. Cantab. Ff. i. 6

Pronunciation: /EnklOId@/

3) Roune (v.) – To whisper. Sometimes for speech or song in general.
It is occasionally used in its primitive sense, to counsel or consult.

On hys knees he sette hym downe
With the prest for to /roune/.

– MS. Harl. 1701

Pronunciation: /run@/
4) Coarte (v.) – To compel, or force.

Dyves by dethe was straytely /coartid/
Of his lyf to make a sodeyne translacion.

– MS. Laud. 416

Pronunciation: /kOArt@/
5) Slade (n.) – A valley; a ravine; a plain.

It had bene better of William a Trent
To have bene abed ith sorrowe,
Than to be that day in the greenwood /slade/,
To meet with Little Johns arrowe.

– Robin Hood, i. 118

Pronunciation: /slAd@/