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For some reason there wasn’t a word of the day on Friday. So this week we only get 4 new words to learn.

1) Peat (n.) – A delicate person.

A citizen and his wife the other day
Both riding on one horse, upon the way
I overtook, the wench a pretty peat,
And (by her eye) well fitting for the seat.

– Donne’s Poems

Pronunciation: /pEt/

2) Cendal (n.) – A species of rich thin silken stuff, very highly esteemed.

Her gomfainoun was of cendal Ynde,
Of gold ther were on thre coronne.

– Arthour and Merlin

Pronunciation: /sEndAl/

3) Sclatyre (v.) – To be negligent.

/Sclatyre/ thy clothys bothe schort and syde,
Passyng all mennes syse.

– MS. Cantab. Ff. ii. 38

Pronunciation: /sklAtir@/

4) Drihe (v.) – To endure.

For as me thenketh, I myght /drihe/
Without slepe to waken ever,
So that I scholde noght dissever
Fro hir in whom is al my lyght.

– Gower, MS. Cantab. Ff. i. 6

Pronunciation: /drih@/