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Robin Hood: We Are Robin Hood Episode

admin on August 15th, 2008

Everyone has arrived in the Holy Land. The Sheriff has stolen the seal of the King’s enemy and has someone to help lure the king out so that he can be killed. Robin and the gang know they need to save the King, save Marion, and thus save England.

When Gisborne goes to feed Marion, she tells him he needs to save the king by killing the Sheriff. She tells him that the King will reward him and she will willingly give him her hand in marriage.

Alan learns that the pigeon did survive and probably made it to the King with his message. Alan apologizes again for his actions and Robin asks for the gang to leave Alan alone. Djaq tells Robin that there are soldiers patrolling which means the town is in the hands of her people and a curfew is in effect so it will be dangerous to move around. Robin and Munch head out and stop to talk. Marion hears their voices carry and tries to get to them. However she believes Robin to be dead and goes back to sitting in her chains.

Sarasin guards find the gang and they knock them out. They head to Bassam’s house, where the pigeon went and Djaq’s family. Robin talks to Bassam about finding the King and bringing peace to the two countries. Djaq tells her uncle that Robin will do what he says and Bassam says he will help.

Meanwhile a messenger arrives at the Sheriff’s house and tells him that Robin is in the Holy Land looking for the king. Marion has her own spy and she listens in to this news. The Sheriff says he will have the King kill Robin to get rid of his nemesis.

The next morning out on the Crusader’s Frontier, the Sheriff’s man claims to be the envoy of the Prince Saladin and shows King Richard the seal to “prove” he is. The King is told the Prince agrees to meet King Richard that day to talk peace. To further give proof he tells the King that Robin is one he can not trust. The King looks incredulous that Robin would be a traitor.

Marion again pleads with Gisborne to kill the Sheriff. When Gisborne goes back to the house, the Sheriff asks if there is anything he needs to tell him. Gisborne tells that Marion wants him to kill him but that he will not do it. He tells the Sheriff he will stand by him but he wants one thing in return. That when they return to England, he will take Marion by force to marry.

Bassam takes Robin and the gang to King Richard’s campsite. They enter looking for him to warn about the Sheriff and black knights. Robin and Munch meet with the King. He tells the King that the Sheriff is in the Holy Land to kill him and that he must let Robin protect him. When King Richard sees Djaq he believes what the Sheriff’s messenger said. King Richard tells Robin he can not believe he would betray him like that and Robin tries to defend himself by denying it. The King tells his men to execute Robin and his gang.

The Sheriff has a man pretending to be the Prince and when asked what if the King knows what the Prince looks like, the Sheriff responds that they are not talking but killing the King.

The King decides not to kill Robin and the gang but leave them in the desert attached to stakes. He says there is still a change if God wills it for them to live. He does not believe them but does remember that Robin saved his life once.

The Sheriff confronts Marion and asks if she is upset Gisborne did not take her offer. He also confesses that Robin is not dead, which she can not believe.

Back in the desert, Munch believes they will be ok if they can survive til nightfall. Djaq tells them they will not make it that long in the heat with no water. As the day wears on, Munch tells them all he loves them. Suddenly they see Marion and think they are saved, until they all realize the Sheriff is with her. The Sheriff has Marion tied to the back side of Robin and tells them of his plans to kill the King. After the Sheriff leaves, they all seem to despair and Robin tries to convince them it is a good thing to die for the King and England. Marion has Robin say his wedding vows right then. When he finally finishes, she says her own vows to him. Munch begins to cry during Robin’s and right at the end the King’s helper shows back up to save Robin and the gang. He tells them they have horses and will go to save the King.

The Sheriff and his men go to watch the death of King Richard. Robin is actually hiding in the robes and when the man tries to attack Robin, he reveals himself. The Sheriff is upset about the switch. Robin and the man begin to fight and the King sees that Robin was not lying. When Robin begins to get in trouble, they all come down to rescue him. The Sheriff and his men ride away to a city and the battle ensues. Being in the city it is hard to find anyone. The King’s man insists King Richard leaves and as he is trying he first saves Robin and then is saved by Robin. Then the Sheriff gets behind the King and shoots an arrow into his back and kills him man at arms. When Marion finds Gisborne about to kill the King who has fallen off his horse, she tries to stop him. Marion tells Gisborne that she would rather die than help him and that she is going to marry Robin. Gisborne runs Marion through in a rage. Robin arrives then and is stricken by grief.

Djaq takes the arrow out of the King and then goes to see Marion. Marion finds out she will die if the sword is pulled out. She tells him how proud she is of him for fighting and that they will have all the time in heaven. Marion says they need to finish their wedding. King Richard gives him a ring for the marriage. He gives her the ring and then kisses her. She takes the sword out after and dies in his arms right away.

Robin buries Marion beside the King’s man at arms. Will and Djaq decide to stay and not return to England. Robin gives his blessing to them. And the rest of the gang leaves with the King’s blessing and a purpose to stop the Sheriff still.