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The Barn – Part 4

admin on August 20th, 2008

Blaze looked at them one more time. Many emotions flickered across her face, as much as could on a dragon’s face. “The treasure I hide is dragon eggs.”
Eva was stunned but quickly recovered. Elter stopped dead in his tracks and again said nothing for a moment. Few things could make a kender speechless.
“Dragon eggs?” Eva asked in a low awed voice.
“Aye. The lifeblood of our race.”
“So that’s why you are so worried about getting attacked.”
“Dragon eggs? Wow! I’ve never seen dragon eggs before.” Elter turned toward the barn but Eva grabbed him before he could skip off to explore and get in trouble.
“Not now, Elter. We have other concerns. We need to set up some kind of defense. I don’t think we have much time if Blaze has decided to show herself now,” she said looking at the dragon.
Elter nodded a solemn look on his face.
Eva looked around, wondering how they could defend an old barn from some bugbears and hobgoblins. She tried to think how her and Elter could defend themselves. Eva knew that the hobgoblins would attack her upon sight. Elter, being small, could outmaneuver the bugbears that would probably go after him. The two species might be stuck working together due to their greater fear of a dragon but they wouldn’t fight side by side for anything. Elter might even be able to take one out with his hoopak, or at least distract one long enough to get away, but Eva doubted he would try to escape.
Turning back to Elter she asked him, “What do you have hidden in your pouches? Anything we might use to defend ourselves?”
Elter dug through one of him many pouches, searching and expressing delight at many things he found.
“Ow. Wow I forgot I had these. Wonder where I got them from? Maybe a brave warrior dropped them and I picked them up to return them but he didn’t want them.” He looked at Eva hopefully and held out his hand. In it were about twenty caltrops, small metal balls with spikes on them in a triangular shape. No matter which way they were set down at least one spike would stick up. Eva looked and smiled.
“Perfect. We can put these just inside the door to the barn. One of those creatures is bound to get in and this will slow it down.”
Blaze nodded in approval as Eva took them, walked to where the door was hidden and threw them down just inside. Elter went back to rummaging through his pouches, looking for something else. Something shot up just missing his head as Eva came back. Blaze moved her head out of the way.
“Wow I don’t even know where I got this from!” Elter pulled out a hand crossbow. Eva guessed that he probably “borrowed” it from the weapons storage in Malin and refrained from scolding him for the moment. He may have taken the weapon without asking but right now they needed it. Elter pulled out three more bolts for the weapon. Since the mechanism had not been very tight the bolt had just arched up and fell back to the ground. Eva looked at the weapon and decided there wasn’t much more Elter could find. She could use the crossbow to take out as many enemies as possible, or at least slow them down, Elter could use his hoopak and when the time came they would fight hand to hand.
Eva looked back at the barn and decided they should hide in the brush for a better chance at surprise. It also would put the odds in their favor if they could take one or two of the vile creatures out before attacking full on.
“Do you have something to use as a weapon in your hoopak?”
Elter looked at the weapon. He nodded. “I think I can also find more rocks and maybe some nails around here.”
Eva nodded and looked at Blaze.
“Well we are as ready as can be. I think its best we hide in the brush. If we’re lucky the dragon won’t realize we are here and inform his minions of our presence.”
“I hope not.”
Elter bounced up and down. “”Fight! Fight! Fight!” He bounded off toward the barn looking for rocks and other things for his sling.