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The Barn – Part 5

admin on August 26th, 2008

Eva turned, walked to the barn and pushed her way into the brush. It was dark in between the brush and the barn. Her dark green tunic and leggings helped her blend in. It smelled of old wood, grass, leaves, mold, and something else. Eva thought the other smell might be the dragon eggs but she wasn’t sure if they gave off an odor or not. Soon Elter joined her.
Eva looked at him and said, “You have to be quiet for this to work.”
Elter nodded but the smile on his face made her worry. Eva wasn’t sure how long they would have to wait but within a few minutes the ground outside was getting dark. Eva didn’t think it was due to a storm.
Blaze breathed in rapidly. Eva tried to locate her but couldn’t see her anywhere. She had gone invisible again apparently trying to surprise her own enemy. Eva tried to look up and see the other dragon but couldn’t without revealing herself.
“It’s a black.” Blaze whispered. She had to be nearby.
Eva’s attention changed from the sky to the trees due to the great ruckus coming from there. The bugbears and hobgoblins were obviously not expecting any resistance and thus were not being careful or quiet. Elter started to step out and Eva grabbed him shaking her head.
“Just a little longer.”
The four creatures emerged. Eva wrinkled her nose in disgust as Elter stared, his mouth moving but no words coming from it. The four creatures were ugly indeed.
The bugbears were both seven-feet tall, with hair and muscles all over their bodies. Wedge shaped ears stuck out on top of their heads, looking slightly elvish, but were too hideous to be mistaken as such. One was brown while the other a deep red. Each wore leather that was torn and old but still covered their bodies. Gaping mouths revealed long sharp fangs. Clutched in their hands were weapons. One carried a mace and a spear while the other a spear and a war hammer. Eva was worried about the spears but let the thought pass knowing the mace and war hammer could be more fatal.
The hobgoblins were not much shorter, at about six and a half feet tall and burly looking. They were also hairy but not very muscular. Both were dark gray with blue noses, but one had a dark red face while the other a red-orange face. They both wore blood red clothes and carried swords. The hobgoblin with the red-orange face also had a whip at his side but that weapon did not worry Eva too much.
They appeared to be speaking to each other in a harsh language Eva didn’t recognize.
She looked at Elter and nodded. Aiming the crossbow at one of the hobgoblins, she took care to aim for a vital spot, and let the bolt loose. At the same time Elter was aiming with many small sharp stones and some nails he had found. His timing was almost the same as Eva’s and the missiles seemed to fly together at their different targets.
Eva’s bolt hit home, right into the chest of the closest hobgoblin and he fell like an ox, dead almost instantly. Elter hit one of the bugbears in the eyes, blinding it so that it could not fight. The other two creatures immediately went into a defensive stance, looking where the attack had come from. Eva jumped out, sword in hand. Elter ran out beside her, quickly smiling at Eva.
The remaining bugbear threw the spear at Eva. It flew past her far enough away that she didn’t have to move to avoid it. Then it raised the mace clutched in its other hand, a war cry erupting from its mouth as it ran toward her.
Eva had downed the hobgoblin with the whip. Its brethren took a moment to assess the situation, see who the enemy was, and also run toward Eva.
The two creatures closed the short distance quickly. Then the hobgoblin fell as Elter tripped it with his hoopak. It landed hard, the sword in its hand skidding way in the grass. Eva turned her attention to the bugbear as it attacked her.
The bugbear brought the mace down, trying to crush the elf’s skull. Eva ducked out of the way and counterattacked with her sword, coming in on top of the bugbear’s open arm. It howled as the blade cut the skin. But it was shallow and did not have the effect Eva hoped.
The downed hobgoblin cursed in its own language. Elter jumped back as the creature tried to grab his leg. As the hobgoblin got up, Elter danced around it.