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With last week’s announcement of Harry Potter being pushed back, I didn’t get this posted as I wanted.
The tale of Robin Hood and his merry men is fairly well known. They lived in the woods, caused trouble for Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham until King Richard’s return, Robin and Marion were sweethearts who wanted to marry, those things. Over the years the tale has been told in various films. BBC America’s TV series is the first I know to portray the hero of the poor and England in a long format. I watched the first part of season one a few episodes in and was immediately hooked. When it ended I couldn’t wait until the following spring to see the second season (it is filmed with all English actors and broadcast in Europe in the fall and then America receives it the following spring when the season has ended in Europe). However the season finale of BBC America’s Robin Hood left me in shock and wonder.
Killing of characters in tv series is not new. Nor is it new to kill off main characters, although that is a little rarer. But how can you kill of such an important character as Maid Marion? She is what Robin strives for in the history. What makes him want to be a good man. Of course in the BBC America series Robin is shown to have been a nobleman who came back from the war early and then lost his lands and title by opposing Prince John and the Sheriff. His robbing the rich to help the poor is payback and to anger the Sheriff since Prince John is only mentioned in this series.
I had read, before the season began in America, something briefly that sounded like Maid Marion left or was killed off. I didn’t mean to read it and as soon as I saw it would spoil the season for me, quit. But the whole time the thought was in the back of my head of could they really kill her off? She is too important in my opinion to do that but apparently the producers and writers didn’t think as much. When they showed the previews for the season finale and said some would not return, I still did not believe she would be killed. So when her death came about I was actually shocked. I even cried because now what is Robin going to do to keep him level. I guess this is what will keep him going and even make season 3 about revenge instead of redemption.
The other thing that bugged me was that Will Scarlett stayed behind with Djaq. Djaq was an interesting addition as a woman and Sarasin. But she is not actually from the history of Robin Hood. Thus her leaving is not as wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love her character and what she brings to the group but she was not part of it originally, so it’s not as much of a loss. However Will Scarlett staying behind is just as wrong as Marion’s death. Next to Little John, Will Scarlett is the most famous of Robin Hood’s merry men. Actually I can not think of any other names mentioned in history than those three.
It could be with this parting, Robin will return again to the Holy Land and we will see the two again. But I do not understand how the group can have the same dynamics without those that are famed to have run with Robin. Of course it could also be that the writer’s needed a smaller group. So Robin, Munch, John, and Alan again make that up. Easier to have Alan and Munch sort of be Will in two people. I have no real way of knowing, that is just my speculation.
I will not sign off on the show just because they got rid of two of my favorite characters. If that would be the case for me, I would have quit watching Lost a long time ago too. But I will try not to get as attached to the characters as I am. This show is more in following with my passion of medieval history so I am willing to forgive. As long as they show why they did what they did and don’t divert completely from the history of Robin Hood.