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1) Eyrone (n.) – Eggs, also as eyren.

A wowndyt man schal kepe hym that he 3ete na
cheese, ne botur, ne /eyrone/, ne fysche of the see, ne
fruytte, ne flesche, but of a best that is geldit; and
he most kepe him fro fleschely talent wythe wymmen.

– Med. Rec. MS. Bright

Pronunciation: /aIr@n/

2) Menge (v.) – To mix; to mingle.

All my dedys ben full derke,
For they ben /menged/ with deedly synne.

– MS. Cantab. Ff. Ii. 38

For the /menggyng/ of the noyse of the see,
And of the flodes that than salle be.

– Hampole, MS. Bowes

Pronunciation: /mEng@/

3) Totty (adj.) – Dizzy; reeling.

So /toty/ was the brayn of his hede,
That he desirid for to go to bede,
And whan he was ones therin laide,
With hymself mervailously he fraide.

– MS. Rawl. C. 86

Pronunciation: /tOti/

4) Bonsour (n.) – A vault.

The butras com out of the diche,
Of rede gold y-arched riche;
The /bonsour/ was avowed al
Of ich maner divers animal.

– Sir Orpheo, ed. Laing, 325

Pronunciation: /bOnsur/

5) Repunge (v.) – To vex, or goad.

I am the king of Persia,
A large and fertil soil;
The Egiptians against us /repunge/,
As verlets slave and vile.

– King Cambises

Pronunciation: /rEpUndZ@/