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The Barn – Part 7

admin on September 9th, 2008

“What do you think Blaze? Should we worry about them coming back?” Eva asked her.
“No they were only here because of the black dragon.”
“What about the hobgoblin?” Elter wrinkled his nose as a slight breeze picked up carrying the terrible scent of the creature to them. Eva wrinkled her nose in disgust and shook her head to dispel the smell.
“I’ll get rid of it. Carry it off somewhere and dump it. Will you watch the nest while I do that?”
“Of course. It’s the least we can do. Thank you for saving my life.”
Blaze nodded. “I will be back soon.” She glided over to the body and picked it up by its clothes with her teeth. “This tastes horrible.”
Elter giggled. Blaze gave him a look that was unreadable and flew off. Eva looked at the kender.
“I think we should retrieve those caltrips from inside. We don’t want any of those baby dragons hurting themselves when they hatch.”
Elter nodded and they walked to the foliage.
A short while later Blaze returned, a smile crossing her huge face as she landed.
“We have removed the caltrips from the barn for you,” Eva informed her.
“Thank you.”
“Now what do we do?” Elter asked them both. “Do we tell Malin’s government about you or what?”
“I think it’s best we leave Blaze out of our report. We can tell them we found the barn but it was empty. How much longer will you be here?”
“About another month. The eggs will hatch soon. The babies will be able to fly shortly after that. Once they can fly they will go off in their own directions. They should not bother anyone on their journeys to wherever they go.”
“And what about you Blaze? Where will you go once they hatch?” Eva looked at the dragon earnestly.
“I shall remain around here. I have grown to like this place. It is quite and there is plenty for me to eat. I will find a new lair and move in.”
“Will it be close?”
“Possibly.” Blaze looked at Eva.
“I would like to know if we could call on you again if we need your help?”
Blaze smiled again. “Of course. I have come to think of you as my friends. One of my kind does not forget such acts. I will let you know where I am after my return. But you may not recognize me as I will come in disguise. I think the fewer people who know about me the better.”
“I agree. People tend to get frightened of any dragons nearby.”
“You mean I can’t tell anyone about you? But I wanted to tell my story to everyone. How we met a silver dragon, fought some bugbears and hobgoblins. And even saw a black dragon.”
“Elter no one would believe you anyway. I don’t think it will matter much if you tell your story.” Eva told him.
“But I want them to believe me. It’s true after all.”
“Yes I know El but who would think a silver dragon would ask us for help?”
Elter had a downcast look on his face. But then he brightened. “But I did get to actually meet a dragon. I told you we’d find a dragon here Eva.”
Blaze and Eva laughed.
“Yes Elter you did. And now I think we must be on our way. It is getting late and I do not want to set up camp for the night too near you. I don’t want to attract attention to the nest.”
“I think that is wise. Well met Eva. I thank you for your help.”
“I thank you again for saving my life.”
Elter bounced in front of Blaze. “Wow I still can’t believe I got to meet a real life dragon. What a great day! I can’t wait to see you again Blaze. Try to get one of the baby dragons to stay so I can meet one too.”
Blaze laughed. “I will see what I can do.”
“Wow thanks.” Elter bounded off and then looked at Eva. “Come on let’s go.”
Eva turned again to Blaze. “Goodbye Blaze. When we see you again, I hope it is under better circumstances.”
Blaze nodded. Eva turned and caught up to Elter.
“You know my Uncle Trapspringer met a dragon once. I bet he didn’t get to almost see a dragon nest but he met a dragon once.”
Eva just nodded and settled in to hear the tale that Elter was now concocting.
The End

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1) Throly (adv.) – Earnestly; eagerly; hardly.

In at the durres thei /throly/ thrast
With staves ful gode ilkone;
Alas! alas! seid Robyn Hode,
Now mysse I litulle Johne.

– MS. Cantab. Ff. v. 48

Pronunciation: /TrOli/

2) Scrit (n.) – A writing; a deed.

A /scrit/ of covenaunt i-mad ther was
Bytwene me and Sathanas.

– MS. Addit. 11307

He dyde on hys clothys astyte,
And to Seynt Jhone he wrote a /skryte/.

– MS. Harl. 1701

Pronunciation: /skrit/

3) Gorell (n.) – A great clownish lad.

Glotony that /gorell/ is the vjte. synne,
That men use of in delicat fedyng of mete.

– MS. Laud. 416

Pronunciation: /gOrEl/

4) Aseth (n.) – Satisfaction or amends for an injury.

We may not be assayled of tho trespas,
Bot if we make /aseth/ in that we may.

– MS. Harl. 1022

Here byfore he myght ethe
Sone hafe mad me /aseth/.

– MS. Lincoln A. i. 17

Pronunciation: /AsET/

5) Helych (adv.) – Loudly.

They herde in theire herbergage hundrethez fulle many,
Hornez of olyfantez fulle /helych/ blawene.

– Morte Arthure, MS. Lincoln

Pronunciation: /hElitS/

SCA Demo at the Holiday At Home Parade

admin on September 5th, 2008

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Armored Combat Fighters

Armored Combat

Here you go. The Official Traile for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Drool over it because I did.

The Barn – Part 6

admin on September 3rd, 2008

“Can’t you walk? Can’t you hold a sword? Are you afraid of a kender?”
The hobgoblin lunged at the kender as he danced out of the way again and poked the creature in the ribs with his hoopak.
“Damn kender,” the hobgoblin sputtered in guttural, almost unintelligible common.
The kender was about to attack again when a dark shape loomed overhead, blocking out everything.
Eva was trying to hit the bugbear in a vital spot when the shadow fell across the sky. Dragonfear filled her! Without looking up she knew it had to be the black dragon. She heard it scream. A blood curdling sound that rendered her almost immobile. Waiting for the deathblow from the bugbear or an acid stream from the dragon, Eva crouched close to the ground. Elter was in a similar position but with a look of awe on his face.
The bugbear stopped in mid strike. It too fell against the ground as Blaze became visible and leaped into the air at the black dragon. The dragonfear lifted as the black’s attention changed from the ground to the threat now winging toward it.
Eva stood up, ready to attack the bugbear. It too had gotten up but was watching the sky. She looked at Elter and the hobgoblin but they too were watching the dragons. Eva looked up as well keeping an ear out for the bugbear.
Blaze was upon the black quickly. She bellowed a scream. Eva was sure with the open sky that the sound could be heard for miles. The black dragon hissed and opened its mouth to spit acid at the silver dragon. Blaze breathed quickly and a cloud of white mist erupted from her mouth. Eva knew something about silver dragons’ breath weapons but was unsure if Blaze had spit cold at her opponent or paralysis. The black dragon screeched again, but it sounded more from pain as it dove away from Blaze. The silver followed the black down, breathing again and again. Seeing that the black kept shrieking, Eva was sure that Blaze was using cold on her opponent. Eva didn’t know much about black dragons, but she figured that the dragon must live somewhere warm for the cold to be hurting as much as it appeared to be.
A scream of pain came from behind Eva. She glanced at the bugbear she had been fighting but it was still watching the sky. Eva turned her attention to the barn and saw the blinded bugbear come out of the foliage. The weaponless creature was hoping back and forth on its feet. Apparently the caltrips had done their job. From the short distance between the two, Eva could tell that the bugbear could only see out of one eye. Her focus changed again as she heard another howl from the sky. The black dragon was flying away as fast as its wings would carry it. Blaze was shrieking after it, pursuing the black a short distance.
Then the bugbear in front of her tried to attack again. Eva brought her sword up to defend against the blow and hoped the other bugbear did not try to attack from the rear.
“Is that how you use a sword? No wonder you can’t hit me.” Elter was taunting the hobgoblin again. It growled at him.
After stopping the bugbear’s sword, Eva again slashed at it. This time the blade hit home and the bugbear howled in pain as a cut appeared on its fighting arm, deep and long. Eva pressed her advantage and hit the bugbear’s hand, forcing the mace barely clutched in its grip to drop.
Blaze’s shadow covered the ground as she flew back. Eva barely paid attention to the lack of sunlight. She drew her sword back to cut her enemy again when the creature began to laugh. Too late Eva realized that she had been set up and the other bugbear was almost upon her, an evil grin on its’ face. But just as the second bugbear was about to attack, Blaze dove toward the ground and unleashed her dragonfear on the three evil creatures. Immediately the three dropped to the ground and then just as quickly jumped up and ran off into the woods, the third creature hobbling on its hurt feet.
Elter came over to stand by Eva.
“That was fun. That hobgoblin couldn’t fight for anything.” Elter grinned broadly.
Eva just looked at him and smiled. Blaze landed nearby.

SCA in a Parade: An Experience

admin on September 2nd, 2008

Yesterday, being Labor Day, there was a parade in my town with various organizations, schools, groups, and other people in the parade to entertain the locals. When I was in high school I walked in the parade with the group I was in then. Being in the SCA now I found out they march every year to promote the organization, help recruit, and just kind of show off. We also have a demonstration after the parade for people to come and see what we are about. I decided to march in the parade with the group.

Anyone who wants to march is allowed. There are armored combat fighters who stop every once in while to battle each other to applause and cheers. I didn’t actually count but we had 5-6 fighters. They are in full gear like when they really fight, because they are hitting almost as hard as during actual combat. The only difference here is that all the shots are arm, shoulder, and body since no one is going to die and leg shots are not allowed so everyone can still walk.

We also had one archer, one of the comedic actors, one boffer fighter in full gear, one boffer carrying a sword only, a few children in garb, one gentleman in garb and several ladies in garb. The gentleman and one of the ladies in garb had pamphlets to hand out to those who seemed interested in what we were wearing or did while we marched. We also had a banner to show off who we were. It was a generic SCA banner that did say Society for Creative Anachronism. I helped carry the banner by choice. I had decided previously I wasn’t going to try and fight and walk.

It was hot and miserable; even in short sleeves and thin material. It wasn’t a light color, unfortunately, but I don’t own many in light colors yet. Of course most people were wearing long sleeves so they weren’t any better off than me. We try to keep up with the cars in front of us, which was the group in front of us. We did ok for a while, but when we got up to where they announced each group, somehow they got ahead of us by a lot. And we ended up very spread out as well from the fighters stopping to fight. The announcers also said anachronism wrong. I think we should tell them how to pronounce it prior. Some people applauded as we walked. Probably those that know what we are about already. At one point I heard a bunch of little kids point at the fighters and say “Look Knights”. I had to laugh since not all fighters are.

At the end we all were hot, sweaty, and grateful for the water that had been hidden in the wagon which was pulled along by someone. We all drank to cool off and were sprayed with water bottles as well. Then we made the short trek back to where the demo location was going to be a little later. It was a fun experience I will definitely do again. Unfortunately there are not any pictures yet but once I have some, I will post them.

1) Hithe (n.) – A small port; a wharf.

For now is Culham /hithe/ i-com to an ende,
An al the contre the better, and no man the worse.

– Lelandi Itinerarium

Pronunciation: /hiT@/

2) Stum (n.) – Strong new wine, used for strengthening weak liquor.
According to Howell, stooming wine was effected by putting herbs and
infusions into it.

There strength of fancy, to it sweetness joynes,
Unmixt with water, nor /stum’d/ with strong lines.

– Brome’s Songs, 1661

Then to the Queen, let the next advance,
With all loyal lads of true English race;
That scorn the /stum’d/ notion of Spain and France.

– Songs of the London Prentices

Pronunciation: /stum/

3) Dwale (n.) – The night-shade. It is highly narcotic, and hence used
to express a lethargic disease.

Whenne Joseph had tolde this tale,
Thei fel as thei had dronken /dwale/,
Grovelynge doun on erthe plat.

– Cursor Mundi, MS. Coll. Trin. Cantab.

Pronunciation: /dwAl@/

4) Lingel (n.) – A shoemaker’s thread.

The cobler of Caunterburie, armed with his aul,
his /lingel/, and his last, presents himselfe a judiciall
censor of other mens writinges.

– The Cobler of Caunterburie, 1590

Pronunciation: /lingEl/

5) Brigantayle (n.) – Bringandine, an extremely pliable kind of armour,
consisting of small plates of iron sewn upon quilted linen or leather.

Of armis or of /brigantayle/,
Stood nothynge thanne upon batayle.

– Gower, MS. Soc. Antiq. 134

Pronunciation: /brigAntaIl@/