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SCA in a Parade: An Experience

admin on September 2nd, 2008

Yesterday, being Labor Day, there was a parade in my town with various organizations, schools, groups, and other people in the parade to entertain the locals. When I was in high school I walked in the parade with the group I was in then. Being in the SCA now I found out they march every year to promote the organization, help recruit, and just kind of show off. We also have a demonstration after the parade for people to come and see what we are about. I decided to march in the parade with the group.

Anyone who wants to march is allowed. There are armored combat fighters who stop every once in while to battle each other to applause and cheers. I didn’t actually count but we had 5-6 fighters. They are in full gear like when they really fight, because they are hitting almost as hard as during actual combat. The only difference here is that all the shots are arm, shoulder, and body since no one is going to die and leg shots are not allowed so everyone can still walk.

We also had one archer, one of the comedic actors, one boffer fighter in full gear, one boffer carrying a sword only, a few children in garb, one gentleman in garb and several ladies in garb. The gentleman and one of the ladies in garb had pamphlets to hand out to those who seemed interested in what we were wearing or did while we marched. We also had a banner to show off who we were. It was a generic SCA banner that did say Society for Creative Anachronism. I helped carry the banner by choice. I had decided previously I wasn’t going to try and fight and walk.

It was hot and miserable; even in short sleeves and thin material. It wasn’t a light color, unfortunately, but I don’t own many in light colors yet. Of course most people were wearing long sleeves so they weren’t any better off than me. We try to keep up with the cars in front of us, which was the group in front of us. We did ok for a while, but when we got up to where they announced each group, somehow they got ahead of us by a lot. And we ended up very spread out as well from the fighters stopping to fight. The announcers also said anachronism wrong. I think we should tell them how to pronounce it prior. Some people applauded as we walked. Probably those that know what we are about already. At one point I heard a bunch of little kids point at the fighters and say “Look Knights”. I had to laugh since not all fighters are.

At the end we all were hot, sweaty, and grateful for the water that had been hidden in the wagon which was pulled along by someone. We all drank to cool off and were sprayed with water bottles as well. Then we made the short trek back to where the demo location was going to be a little later. It was a fun experience I will definitely do again. Unfortunately there are not any pictures yet but once I have some, I will post them.