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1) Papelard (n./aj.) – A hypocrite. Subtle, cunning.

I se the aungels bere the soule of that womane to
hevyne, the which so longe I have kepte in synne.
He, this /papularde/ preste, hath herde oure cown-
saylle, ande hathe delyverede here frome synne, ande
alle oure powere.

– Gesta Romanorum

Pronunciation: /pApElArd/

2) Diaper (v.) – To decorate with a variety of colours; to embroider on
a rich ground.

A duches dereworthily dyghte in /dyaperde/ wedis,
In a surcott of sylke full selkouthely hewede.

– Morte Arthure, MS. Lincoln

Pronunciation: /daIpEr/

3) Pilch (n.) – An outer garment, generally worn in cold weather, and
made of skins of fur.

Wha so may noghte do his dede, he salle to park,
Barefote withowttene schone, and ga with lyarde.
Take hym unto his /pilche/, and to his pater noster,
And pray for hym that may do, for he es bot a wastur.

– MS. Lincoln A. i. 17

Thy vesture that thou shalt use ben these,
a warme /pylche/ for wynter, and oo kirtel,
and oo cote for somer.

– MS. Bodl. 423

Pronunciation: /pIltS/

4) Glaverande (adj.) – Noisy; boisterous.

Sir sais syr Gawayne, so me Gode helpe,
Siche /glaverande/ gomes greves me bot lyttille.

– Morte Arthure, MS. Lincoln

Pronunciation: /glAvErand@/


5) Swuken (adj.) – Deceived; betrayed.

Unto the than cried I,
Whil that /swuken/ es mi hert.

– MS. Cott. Vespas. D. vii.

Pronunciation: /swukEn/