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1) Gytelscheppe (n.) – Recklessness.

Wylland, certes, I dyd it no3te,
Bot for /gytelscheppe/ of thoughte.

– R. de Brunne, MS. Bowes

Pronunciation: /gitElSEp@/

2) Wittande (n.) – Knowledge; knowing.

The fyft poynte may thai noght eschape,
That commounes with hym that the pape
Cursed has at hys /wyttande,/
Or to that curssyng es assentande.

– Hampole, MS. Bowes

Pronunciation: /witAnd@/

3) Baratour (n.) – A quarrelsome person.

One was Ewayne fytz Asoure,
Another was Gawayne with honour,
And Kay the bolde /baratour/.

– Sir Perceval

Pronunciation: /bArAtur/

4) Nithe (n.) – Wickedness.

But in pride and triechery,
In /nythe/ and onde and lecchery.

– Cursor Mundi, MS. Coll. Trin. Cantab

Pronunciation: /niT@/

5) Balsomate (adj.) – Embalmed.

He made his ymage of laton full clene,
In whiche he put his body /balsomate/.

– Hardyng’s Chronicle

Pronunciation: /bAlsOmAt@/