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Christophe the Insultor – Part 3

admin on August 14th, 2008

Christophe the Insultor – Part 2

admin on August 7th, 2008

Christophe the Insultor – Part 1

admin on July 31st, 2008

Christophe used to be at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. A few years ago he left. He is a great improv comedic. I avoided being insulted by him f or eight years until my wedding day. And let me tell you there is nothing like being insulted on your wedding day. It makes for a very memorable one.

Here is part one of a three part show he does at another festival now.

Video on Ohio Renaiassance Festival

admin on July 10th, 2008

King Henry Outfit

Museum Replicas Limited catalog has been around for many years with swords and clothing for fans of medieval and renaissance items. Some of their items they have carried the same for years on end while others have followed current trends. They have expanded their clothing line to follow these trends as well. One of the newest lines is from the hit show The Tudors.

The line has been out for about a year and has expanded from a few outfits and jewels to include more clothing, boots, and accessories of King Henry. This is perfect for those who want to dress like a king or queen or even the king’s mistress, Anne Boleyn. The outfits are not completely period as the show itself is not either but they are beautifully made. And they are recreated with permission of Showtime itself so there is not problem with Museum Replicas selling them.

Anne Boleyn Gown

Jewels or chains of office are available as well for those wanting to complete the look they pick. You can even purchase King Henry’s jousting helmet, although it is not full size, or a letter opener with the ceremonial sword of the famous monarch. And for those who want to own the royal seal Henry VIII uses on the show, there is a paperweight of this seal. The reverse side has the seal of the pope.

There is more of King Henry’s clothing than anyone. I think with the show being about him and Anne Boleyn there would be more of her dresses. But perhaps they are harder to recreate easily since most women’s outfits back then were layers. I would caution that the dresses might not fix exactly as they say. I once purchased a dress and had to return it because while it fit the waist, it was not designed for voluptuous women and thus did not fit me. But if you want to walk around like a queen, get the gown and be the envy of many.

And if you are interested in purchasing them you can visit Museum Replicas at museumreplicas/thetudors

With Independence Day today, I thought a nod to the undertones in movies to this was appropriate. It wouldn’t seem like there would be that many but in fact there are some everyone when you start to look at things in different ways. Many of them are about getting out from tyranny but even that is independence.

BBC’s Robin Hood, one of my weekly posts, is definitely about independence from the evil Sheriff who is abusing his power while the king is away. In other versions it is Prince John who has this role and the Sheriff is just a helper. But Robin and is gang are always trying to thwart the bad person and gain independence for the people from the evil being done.

Movies such as Elizabeth, Krull, and Princess Bride have elements of this as well. Elizabeth may be the ruler of England but she is just a woman. And in the time period she lived, woman were considered inferior so she was not thought to be able to rule properly without a husband. Elizabeth is trying to get her independence from the Lords who want to rule the country for her. Krull has a prince who must save his girl from the evil creature that wants her for himself. The destruction of this creature will also set the entire world free from the vile minions he uses to get his way. Princess Bride is about gaining independence from Prince Humperdink who wants to use the Princess to start a war.

And there are games like Dungeons and Dragons where the gaming group many times is freeing people from this evil Lord or that Dragon who wants slaves to do their every whim. Not all adventures are like this but the majority are. Of course if you have players who like to be the bad guy you will be the one doing this.

Many entertainment forms are about independence in one way or another. They might be subtle but they are there. Some movies are specifically about this while others just have the elements of it.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival is one of my favorite events to attend every year. It has become a tradition with many of my friends to attend opening weekend every year. Unfortunately one of my favorite attractions for the festival is not there the first weekend because they are at another festival, The Swordsmen. Their comedy is great and even though at this point I know almost all their shows, I never tire of seeing them.

This part of one of their shows where they have men come up to learn how to become “men”. It is a crowd participation part of the show.

Renaissance Magazine Wedding Edition

admin on June 13th, 2008

Ren Mag
Renaissance Magazine is put out four times a year. It is a very popular magazine for those who love Renaissance times and to attend Renaissance Festivals. Each edition has a theme and all the articles follow that. It teaches things that even lovers of the time period may not know, while entertaining at the same time. The only theme that has been revisited is Renaissance Weddings.

Renaissance Weddings have become very popular in the last ten years or so. Festivals all over the country are offering wedding packages that range from inexpensive to more than a normal wedding can cost depending on the festival and what each place offers. Renaissance Magazine thought it would be helpful for those planning a Renaissance wedding to have a magazine devoted to them. And with four different wedding magazines out over the last seven years, the magazine has made a difference for brides who decided to have a different kind of wedding.

Each magazine has had new ideas for wedding parties and included a list of festivals that offers the weddings. Some festivals have started offering them as they have become more popular so the list keeps changing. Some festivals have also fallen off the list as they disappeared or changed their minds about having weddings at their Renaissance festival sites. And others have changed their packages to be more streamlined or less confusing for brides to be.

One feature that has not changed in all four issues is a section that shows bridal dresses. Some of these have been as simple as patterns sewn so a bride could see what they looked like and others were clothing shops that had made special dresses. Some dresses were also more period than others for brides who wanted to more historically accurate with Renaissance times. In the Renaissance Magazine there are also areas for grooms and wedding attendants. Not the full color pictures of the bridal dresses, but places where everyone in the wedding can be dressed if the bride does not know where to start.

The best part of the wedding issues is that all the ads are geared toward brides and their special day. From where to buy wedding rings to gifts for the wedding party, anyone that advertises in the magazine and can find a way to make it fit for weddings, are available to purchase from. This is in fact how I found my wedding rings. Only seeing them online was hard but the end result was beautiful and I would recommend the place I got my rings from to anyone getting married at a Renaissance Festival.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival will be in its 19th year when it opens this September.  It has expanded from 5 weeks when it first began to 9 a few years ago and now back to the 8 that was the norm once they found the permanent location in Harveysburg, Ohio where they still reside.  Each year people come to be part of the cast and must try out to be picked.  This includes the role of Queen Elizabeth.  And this year the ORF will have a new queen.

This will be the fifth Queen Elizabeth that the Ohio Renaissance Festival has had.  I have only seen three of them and this new one will be the fourth.  My husband and I did not discover this fun time to past life until the 7th season, when it had been settled for years at its 30 acre site.  I have heard the original was a very good queen but she had to move on.  I also know that the second one, the Queen Elizabeth that we saw, left for a good reason.  She got pregnant!  And if you know anything about Elizabeth’s reign, you can’t have a pregnant Queen Elizabeth since she never married. 

The third queen left for reasons I do not know.  I was sad to see her go like the second because I thought both portrayed the monarch very well.  I believe we had the third queen for about 5 years but honestly I’ve gone so many years that some things blend and I can’t tell which year they happened.  You know you’ve been going to a festival long enough when you can give directions to almost anything there (we don’t frequent all the shops so some I just have a vague idea about). 

Last year the Ohio Renaissance Festival has a new queen.  I have to say I did not approve.  She was petite and very soft spoken.  Not like any of the past ladies who were this great monarch who took England from poverty to being one of the riches nations in 40 years.  Her reign wasn’t called the “Golden Age” for nothing.  This lady just didn’t do it for me and several people I know that are regulars said the same thing.

This year they have announced a new queen but are not saying who it is.  I like the idea that a different person will be portraying Queen Elizabeth but hope they have cast someone much better than last year.  Of course with the secrecy it is possible we might see one of the former ladies back to rule again.