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1) Dozepers (n.) – Noblemen; the Douze-Pairs of France.

As Charles stod by chance at conseil with his feris,
Which that were of Fraunce his o3en /dozepers/.

– MS. Ashmole 33

Pronunciation: /dozEpErs/

2) Tapinage (n.) – Secret skulking.

Ry3t so thy newe /tapinage/
Of Lollardye goth about
To sette Cristis feythe in doute.

– Gower, MS. Soc. Antiq. 134

Pronunciation: /tApinAdZ/

3) Talvace (n.) – A kind of buckler or shield, bent on each side, and
rising in the middle.

Aither broght unto the place
A mikel rownd /talvace/.

– Ywaine and Gawain

And after mete thar it was,
The children pleide at the /talvas/.

– Beves of Hamtoun

Pronunciation: /tAlvAs/

4) Housele (n./v.) – The Eucharist. Also, to administer the sacrament.

With holy wordys into bredd he can hym dresse,
And there he /housylde/ that lady dere.

– MS. Cantab. Ff. ii. 38

Doo calle me a confessour with Criste in his armes;
I will be /howselde/ in haste, whate happe so betyddys.

– Morte Arthure, MS. Lincoln

Pronunciation: /husEl@/

5) Lechyde (adj.) – Cut into slices. [Also spelled leshed]

Seyne bowes of wylde bores,
with the braune /lechyde/.

– Morte Arthure, MS. Lincoln

Pronunciation: /lESid/

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