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1) Throly (adv.) – Earnestly; eagerly; hardly.

In at the durres thei /throly/ thrast
With staves ful gode ilkone;
Alas! alas! seid Robyn Hode,
Now mysse I litulle Johne.

– MS. Cantab. Ff. v. 48

Pronunciation: /TrOli/

2) Scrit (n.) – A writing; a deed.

A /scrit/ of covenaunt i-mad ther was
Bytwene me and Sathanas.

– MS. Addit. 11307

He dyde on hys clothys astyte,
And to Seynt Jhone he wrote a /skryte/.

– MS. Harl. 1701

Pronunciation: /skrit/

3) Gorell (n.) – A great clownish lad.

Glotony that /gorell/ is the vjte. synne,
That men use of in delicat fedyng of mete.

– MS. Laud. 416

Pronunciation: /gOrEl/

4) Aseth (n.) – Satisfaction or amends for an injury.

We may not be assayled of tho trespas,
Bot if we make /aseth/ in that we may.

– MS. Harl. 1022

Here byfore he myght ethe
Sone hafe mad me /aseth/.

– MS. Lincoln A. i. 17

Pronunciation: /AsET/

5) Helych (adv.) – Loudly.

They herde in theire herbergage hundrethez fulle many,
Hornez of olyfantez fulle /helych/ blawene.

– Morte Arthure, MS. Lincoln

Pronunciation: /hElitS/

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SCA Demo at the Holiday At Home Parade

admin on September 5th, 2008

Arts and Crafts Armored Combat Fighters

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Here you go. The Official Traile for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Drool over it because I did.

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The Barn – Part 6

admin on September 3rd, 2008

“Can’t you walk? Can’t you hold a sword? Are you afraid of a kender?” The hobgoblin lunged at the kender as he danced out of the way again and poked the creature in the ribs with his hoopak. “Damn kender,” the hobgoblin sputtered in guttural, almost unintelligible common. The kender was about to attack again […]

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SCA in a Parade: An Experience

admin on September 2nd, 2008

Yesterday, being Labor Day, there was a parade in my town with various organizations, schools, groups, and other people in the parade to entertain the locals. When I was in high school I walked in the parade with the group I was in then. Being in the SCA now I found out they march every […]

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1) Hithe (n.) – A small port; a wharf. For now is Culham /hithe/ i-com to an ende, An al the contre the better, and no man the worse. – Lelandi Itinerarium Pronunciation: /hiT@/ 2) Stum (n.) – Strong new wine, used for strengthening weak liquor. According to Howell, stooming wine was effected by putting […]

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SCA Midrealm Pennsic War 37, 2008

admin on August 28th, 2008

Here are some videos of battles fought at this year’s Pennsic War 10 Man Melee Unbelted Champion Tournament Allied Champion Battle

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With last week’s announcement of Harry Potter being pushed back, I didn’t get this posted as I wanted. The tale of Robin Hood and his merry men is fairly well known. They lived in the woods, caused trouble for Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham until King Richard’s return, Robin and Marion were sweethearts […]

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The Barn – Part 5

admin on August 26th, 2008

Eva turned, walked to the barn and pushed her way into the brush. It was dark in between the brush and the barn. Her dark green tunic and leggings helped her blend in. It smelled of old wood, grass, leaves, mold, and something else. Eva thought the other smell might be the dragon eggs but […]

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