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Breakingin a Heavy Weapons SCA Sword

admin on October 15th, 2008

So you have a new sword that you tape and are ready to test out.  Testing out a new sword is a lot of fun and can be interesting at the same time.  It may be like what you have been using in the past but it is new and will throw differently.  Things such as material, size and the pommel will change how you handle the sword in combat.  You may have to re-learn your fighting style.  This is my experience with my new sword.

You may have decided to go from a siloflex sword to a completely rattan one.  This will definitely change the weight ratio of your sword.  Siloflex is lighter and hits differently.  I can’t say it hits less solid than actual rattan since siloflex has a rattan core, but the feel is unique on a siloflex sword.  Since the siloflex is a plastic coating, it bounces off when you hit your opponent where rattan does not as much.  At the same time going from siloflex to full rattan makes your worry that you will break the rattan easier.

The size is also an interesting factor.  Going from a longish sword to a short one, even for a short person, makes you re-think how you fight someone standing in front of you.  Especially someone you are used to fighting.  You have to move in closer, faster.  That can be to an advantage though.  Some people do not know how to fight in close quarters and thus become like a turtle on their back.  They only know how to do long reach shots.  But if you yourself are not used to moving quickly to get within arms reach, you just might get taken out quickly when no longer have that extra few inches to hit someone.  It is a fine line to walk and takes much getting used to.  However for someone who is short, it can also be a huge advantage.  Move in quick and keep hitting your opponent.

A new sword can also mean a new pommel.  You might be used to something lightweight, such as plastic.  Here you adjust to a heavier, metal one.  However you may not notice the weight if your sword is balanced nicely.  It does depend. Off weight can cause problems in that you can not swing well or tire too easily.  Balanced keeps you swinging when you want/need to.  And there may also be that the pommel is small.  But if you have small hands this may not be an issue.  Hopefully this was something you checked before purchasing the sword or before taping it up.

All in the entire sword worked beautifully.  The only comment was that it was pink.  Yes I made the blade edge pink.  I want it to stand out and besides the size, the color makes it.  And it works quit well for me.  Now I just need to find another like it.